Juriaan Calis - Founder New Tradition


Architect & Technical Director

New Tradition - Rianne Toonen


Designer & Managing Director

“Our passion for spaces and
surroundings made us automatically
fall in love with nature too.”

We care for nature deeply, and therefore sustainable living is very important to us. We need to take care of our planet, and every step – big or small – makes an impact. We are very eager to guide our clients forward in this mission. We advise for durable, natural materials and furniture that lasts for years – investment pieces rather than throw away, fast furniture.

New Tradition also creates energy concepts in which we balance energy, comfort, aesthetics and budget. We have worked on multiple monumental houses and always successfully maintained the characteristics of the building whilst making it a comfortable place to live in – in the winter and summer times. During our projects we work together intensively with our team of energy consultants, who are up-to-the-minute regarding insulation, heating, cooling and all the other latest technologies.

In all our designs the original architectural details are celebrated and combined with clean modern gestures – blending the traditional with the new. These two opposites do not have to be contradictions. The one is actually the result of the other. What currently seems traditional, once was new.